Plant Sources of Calcium

When we think about how much calcium we are meant to have per day, we tend to revert to information that was handed to us in a certain tv ad in the 90’s. Dairy milk, cheese, yoghurt, several times a day. Problem is that doesn’t take into account that many people are lactose intolerant, maybe they are vegan or just aren’t suited to dairy in their diet

The good news is – there is a plethora of plant based foods that are abundant in calcium. So before you start reaching for the dairy for your calcium needs – have a read over other options


  • Sesame seeds 975mg (tahini is a great source)
  • Chia seeds 631mg (Chia pudding)
  • Tofu 350mg
  • Almonds 264mg
  • Turnip greens 190mg
  • Dried figs 162mg
  • Brazil nuts 160mg
  • Kale 150mg
  • Kidney beans 143mg
  • Mung beans 132mg
  • Chickpeas 105mg
  • Spinach 99mg
  • Broccoli 47mg
  • Oranges 40mg
  • Soy Milk 25mg

How much Calcium do you need?

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