almond milk

Homemade Almond Milk

Homemade fresh raw almond milk contains live enzymes with no additives or preservatives like most processed, store bought nut milks. It is a little piece of nutty heaven – sweet, mild and more gentle on the digestive system than heavily processed milks. It is fantastic to drink, put it on cereals or use in smoothies, coffee or tea.

You will need a nut milk bag – a mesh pocket with a draw string opening to strain and squeeze the milk,¬†Check out where to pick one up from iHerb, Wholefoods Melbourne,¬†Kitchen Warehouse or there’s some cheap ones available on eBay

Salmond With Almond

Baked Fish With Toasted Almonds

A tasty fish dish with such a beautiful blend of herbs and flavours, and the added toasted almond flakes give it texture and crunch. Worthy of any dinner table

Vanilla Bean, Cardamom & Linseed Pudding

High in beneficial fats, this little pudding can offer more than just a bit of sweetness. A nutritious breakfast, high protein snack or a kid friendly pudding for dessert