The Simple & Effective Skin Regime – Day & Night

We’ve been taking care of our skin long before Cleopatra infamously came up with her milk based beauty regime. But with today’s technology, achieving healthy and clear skin still comes down to the basics your grandma would of known. Flawless, radiant and glowing skin doesn’t depend on enhanced technology, new formulas and the latest in cellular regeneration chemicals. Follow these simple steps for clean skin that work and don’t cost a fortune. Click product pictures for links to where you can buy all under $50

Daily Regimen – Morning

Before you shower, do some Dry skin brushing over your body (avoiding the face) to revitalise and increase the natural detoxifying action of your lymphatic system. This helps to shed dead skin cells, remove toxins, improve circulation, thus reducing cellulite and  preventing premature ageing.


Cleansing before bed is important, cleansing again in the morning is not. In fact, cleansing too often can disrupt the skin’s natural balance. The surface of your skin needs to house a balance of health, skin supporting bacteria, naturally occurring oils to keep the cells plump and nourished. cleansing twice a day strips the skin of this natural barrier, leaving it open to irritation and troublesome bacteria (See below for the night cleansing routine). In the morning, just splash your face with warm water followed by cold water to close the pores.


  • Natural water-based toners can be applied to skin with a misting bottle or a dabbed on the skin with a cotton ball after you have showered, no need to rinse it off. They tighten the pores, which helps prevent dirt from getting inside. Tip: toners that are alcohol based should be avoided, we aren’t trying to sterilise the skin surface. Many skin toners come with soothing herbs such as chamomile added to them to calm the skin, others come with witch hazel, a flowering plant is touted for its astringent properties. I personally find the rose water varieties divine. Some of the toners I would recommend are


Moisturising is imperative to the health of your skin as your skin is a barrier keeping you protective from bacteria and toxins in the environment. When your skin is dehydrated, its protective capability is compromised along with its appearance. Loss of moisture is the most prevalent factor contributing to the ageing of skin as well as various skin infections such as staph. By moisturising, we seal our clean skin and protect possible water loss from the cells throughout the day. In the past, many moisturisers were “Oil-Free” to avoid acne and clogged pores, but this approaches leads to the skin cells drying out thus creating MORE oil and leading to further breakouts. Use a few drops of oil as a moisturiser, letting it soak in before you put your make up on will nourish your skin all day long

  • Coconut Oil can be used topically on the face and neck as well as all over the body. It melts upon contact with skin for easy application and can be used on a cotton ball to remove residual eye make u. Coconut oil has anti-microbial actions to protect the skin and is friendly to sensitive and inflamed skin. Just don’t be tricked into buying a ‘beauty grade’, perfumed or processed version. The coconut oil you buy for your kitchen is just as good and half the cost.
  • Rose-hip Oil is similar to the coconut oil, but is ideal for more mature skin. Rose hips are high in volatile oils that neutralise acids making it an excellent corrector for many different skin types.


Daily Regimen – Evening


It is incredibly important to wash off dirt &/or make-up at the end of the day. We pick up little particles throughout the day that can irritate and damage the skin surface, leading to pink pigmentation, overactive oil production and dry dermatitis. To find a cleanser that fits your skin type, generally dry, flaky, irritated and pinkish skin prefer a cream or milk cleanser, shiny, acne or blackhead skin like low foaming cleansers. Why non foaming? Because the bubbly action is due to the sodium lauryl sulphates that have a list of nasty side effects and you want to keep that to a minimum if not avoid

  • Still got your make up on? Be sure to take it off each and every night! Start by wetting your face with warm water to open pores. Apply small amount of cleanser with your hands in gentle circular motions, always working in an upward and outward direction. After a minute, rinse with warm water followed by cold and dry by just gently patting it with a clean towel. Note: no scrubbing or rubbing you want to wash your skin not damage the layers. A little coconut oil on a cotton pad or stick will help remove any stubborn eye make up

If you haven’t got make up on, you can cleanse by just putting a little coconut oil on a cotton ball and wiping gently across the face to remove anything on the surface. Remember we want to maintain the natural balance as much as possible




Your skin repairs itself while you are sleeping. So evening is the optimal time to apply your oil to support the skin’s naturally occurring regenerative process. Remember when applying oils to the face, start from the centre, spreading to the periphery of the face, and in a downward motion on the neck.


So When Do I Exfoliate?

We’ve unfortunately been lead to believe that dead skin cells won’t come off our skin unless we scrub our face twice a day like we are trying to polish a gemstone. This approach can drastically strip the skin off it’s protective barrier, leaving it over exposed to elements of modern life. We used harsh chemicals with ‘bits-in-it’ to do the rough scrubbing for us (Read more on the environmental effects of microbeads) or crazy concoctions of crushed nuts and other fibrous material like bamboo, and we often ended up with worse skin than when we started. Whilst gentle exfoliation can remove stubborn, built up areas of dry skin, it is best to limit this to once a week. I like to keep it for my Sunday evening routine. No fancy pants product required for this one, just a simple face washer is all you need. Inexpensive, no chemicals, and you get to apply the right amount of pressure in the right spots.

  • Thoroughly wet a washcloth with warm to hot water and wring it out.
  • Lay the washcloth flat and fold it over your hand.
  • Begin at the forehead and rub in small circles, applying pressure with your hand.
  • Move down to the cheeks, continuing to rub in circles.
  • You may find it necessary to concentrate on the base of the nose, where a lot of oil accumulates.
  • Continue exfoliating, moving to the chin. Again, some people have a buildup of oil glands, making it necessary to focus more in this area.
  • Pat dry with a clean towel and be sure to add your coconut oil or rose-hip oil afterwards


Other Points to Consider for Simply Good Skin

  • Hydration is vital – not a hydrating cream or cleanser. Hydration from 2 litres of clean water everyday is the key to clear skin
  • It is important to choose beauty products and make-up products with minimal chemical ingredients. I’ve seen many clients with skin rashes from bleaching toothpastes, chronic dandruff from certain hair care products and rashes from something they thought was safe.
  • Only ever use products free from parabens, phthalates, sulfates, lead and butylated compunds. A great resource for learning more about what is in your cosmetics and toiletries as well as your children’s sunscreens can be found here
  • Intolerant to gluten, egg or dairy? Many of these allergens get added to your products, learn more here
  • I recommend you stick with animal testing free products for a kinder more compassionate world

Your skin is like a window into your diet, everything will show up there

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